Weddings should reflect the personalities and opinions of the people getting married.  I try to collaborate with the couple, to create a ceremony is “just right” for them.

Together, we can craft a service that is long enough to feel “real,” but not so long that people get bored; a service that reflects your beliefs or opinions, and also touches something inside every person there; a service that contains some music and/or some readings that are meaningful to you–except when you would prefer something shorter and more simple and sparse. 

The vows can be classics, or written by the spouses-to-be; the service might include children, or other family members; it can be both solemn and funny, in the appropriate moments.  I’ve done weddings on the shores of lakes, or in the woods; I’ve had the good fortune of officiating in the gothic cathedral on the campus of the University of Chicago.

 Whether there are five people, total, at the service, or sixteen people in the ceremony and hundreds more watching, each wedding should celebrate the infinite potential of love–and show how it manifests in the life of the specific couple getting married.  Fortunately, we can accomplish all of this together, with one or a few face-to-face meetings and some emails or phone calls. 

For some examples of my words, please look at this sand ceremony; or click on “Weddings” under the “So May We Categorize” drop-down box on the right–>

For more information, or to inquire about a date or place, please contact me at chip AT; or call my cell phone with the area code 231, exchange 709 and final digits 0032.  [(2xx) 7xx-0xx2].  Congratulations on your engagement!