Resources for Faith Development

Welcome to the Call and Response blog, featuring “Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development.” I just learned about it today, and added it to the blogroll at right. Pat Kahn’s current post features wisdom from William Ellery Channing and a host of great faith development resources. I hope the blog continues to live up to her example!

Here is some Channing, but go read her post: “Sunday-schools are meant to aid you in the great ~read more~

Emancipation Tour

Vincent Licenziato’s “Emancipation Tour” showed me Boston statuary I had never seen before, and taught me a good bit about some of the women and men who worked to emancipate themselves and others. Licenziato is knowledgeable about the people of African and European descent depicted in the statues, sculptures and monuments of his tour; and he is passionate about the cause of freedom. At each of the five “stops,” he asks questions like “what do ~read more~


Like pruning inactive members from our rolls, should we remove disconnected congregations from our Association?  In a lively conversation at our Heartland District Assembly, one of us suggested that we should rescind the charter of any congregation that has neither made any financial contributions to our UUA nor sent any members to a District or General Assembly over the last five years. This is not intended to be a punishment, but rather a way of strengthening our Association, and ~read more~

vm: William Ellery Channing

This week we celebrate the birthday of William Ellery Channing, who said, “The path to perfection is difficult…But difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage.”

So may we be.