Coming Out of the Shadows

“Undocumented…Unafraid!” The chant outside the Broadview Detention Center this morning demonstrated that the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) had joined the usual band of hardy souls from the Chicago Religious Leadership Network (CRLN), praying and singing for an end to senseless deportations.

Two young adults spoke of their personal journeys. Brought to the USA as children, they struggled when they learned that they were not considered citizens of the country they loved. Both risked their ~read more~

Tip in cash

Please tip your server in cash. Even in “respectable” restaurants, the management all-too-often keeps some of that tip money. According to Wage Theft in America: Why Millions of Americans Are Not Getting Paid–and What We Can Do About It (by Kim Bobo, The New Press, revised ed. 2011), keeping tip money is *one* of the ways that unscrupulous employers steal money from their employees.

I have worked as a server. After tipping the bartender, and ~read more~