Resources for Faith Development

Welcome to the Call and Response blog, featuring “Journeys in UU Lifespan Faith Development.” I just learned about it today, and added it to the blogroll at right. Pat Kahn’s current post features wisdom from William Ellery Channing and a host of great faith development resources. I hope the blog continues to live up to her example!

Here is some Channing, but go read her post: “Sunday-schools are meant to aid you in the great ~read more~

bathroom of heresy

The Bathroom of Heresy was created by two of my colleagues (names withheld to protect the guilty), when their seminary living quarters shared a bathroom.  They decorated it with religious images both sacred and profane, setting fine art next to contemporary kitsch.  They displayed everything from tracts handed them on street corners to postcards with Jesus pointing the way to Las Vegas.  There was a reproduction of a Renaissance painting near a wind-up “boxing nun” ~read more~