Grateful Dead – Spiritual But Not Religious

Grateful Dead: Spiritual But Not Religious Service celebrated at the First Unitarian Church of South Bend, on 02 August 2015

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WELCOME & ANNOUNCEMENTS {welcome & announcements by Fern}


OPENING HYMN {singing: Touch of Grey (Hunter/Garcia), played by The Ember Jar Duo} Please be seated.


OPENING WORDS Thank you, Kevin and Abby! And thank you, Fern. I reiterate Fern’s welcome. It is good to see you all here, this ~read more~

set list: Grateful Dead–Spiritual But Not Religious

This is the order of service from yesterday’s worship service on the Grateful Dead as the vanguard of the Spiritual But Not Religious movement. The music was played by The Ember Jar Duo; the tapestry was tie-dyed by Cassandra Fisher of The Ecletic Table; the robe was made by the Rev. Ms. Jane Thickstun; and David Wistreich lent us a poster to use on the pulpit–many thanks to all.

I drew on the research from ~read more~