The Opposite of Crying “Wolf” (sermon; 130407)

We are not selling a set of rules. We are offering a set of actions. Anybody who finds our path a worthy one is welcome to join us, and we will cry with them, sing with them, listen to them and share our food with them, as we journey together. We are not offering mere community. Televangelists offer nothing if not a sense of “community.” The Hitler Youth were a remarkably close-knit “community.” What we are offering is rich, complex, supportive and challenging community. We do not wonder who or what it is that you worship. We do not care if you worship anything at all. We do care about what you love, and what you fear. We care about your dreams and desires. We care about your suffering, and your sorrow; and we care whether, after all of that, you are still willing to open your heart, again and again. If *that* is the path you want to walk, then we are willing and eager—delighted, even—to journey with you. We will support and challenge you and we ask that you support and challenge us. ~read more~

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In our second reading this morning, Mary Oliver’s fox says, “…I see you in all your seasons making love, arguing, talking about God as if he were an idea instead of the grass, instead of the stars, the rabbit caught in one good teeth-whacking hit and brought home to the den. What I am, and I know it, is responsible, joyful, thankful. I would not give my life for a thousand of yours.”

All too ~read more~