moneychangers in the pulpit

“I’m afraid that my colleagues will think I’m poaching their pulpit supply gigs. I’m afraid that the congregation will think I’m taking too much time from them. I’m afraid that the whole UUverse will condemn me for selling something that should be free.” ~read more~

Thunder-ous Real Hugs

My shouts of glee must have woken Lilly, because she raised her head and looked at me quizzically. “What are you so excited about?” she asked, “I thought you were rooting for the Heat.” Lillie is our dog, but she sometimes communicates with me telepathically. And she also has a pretty good understanding of basketball—-for a Labrador.

“I’m not shouting about the game. I’m tickled that they’re showing all the players hugging. Look-—players and coaches ~read more~

Lilly on Evolution

“How come you think humans evolved from monkeys?” asked Lilly, “Don’t you think dogs are much smarter than they are?” Lillie is our dog, and she often communicates with me. As far as I know, she does not talk–er, think, I receive her thoughts in  my mind—with anybody else.

“Well, girl, I know that you are pretty smart.”

“Don’t deflect. How do you think chimpanzees compare to dogs? And do you really think humans were ~read more~

Lillie and Gov. Walker

After the third time Lillie dropped her ball at my feet, I finally looked up: “I’m sorry, girl, I am too upset to play.” “What’s the matter?” she asked (Lilly is our dog, but she sometimes talks to me. Nobody else ever hears her, but I have grown used to it). I told her that I was worried about union workers. In Wisconsin, and in a dozen other states, newly elected lawmakers are attempting to ~read more~