Imprisoned Lightning (homily; 120205)

Imprisoned Lightning Service  celebrated at the First Unitarian Church of Hobart, Indiana, on 05 February  2012 Rev.  Chip Roush

OPENING WORDS One of my favorite poets, Wislawa Szymborska, died last Wednesday, of lung cancer. These are excerpts of her poem, Psalm:

“How leaky are all the borders we  draw around our separate nations! How  many clouds cross those boundaries daily without even paying the toll! How much desert sand simply sifts from country to country, or how many mountain pebbles ~read more~


Jason Thomas‘ cartoon just about says it all. This was my fourth SUUSI (Southeast UU Summer Institute), and it was easily my best yet. Old friends, new friends, remarkable crafts, achingly beautiful music, fireworks, delicious home-brewed beers (Uncle Flip and Devon made some fine beverages, but my personal fave was Rachel’s ginger peach) and a pounding dance floor all combined into a life-changing event. I shared meals and played games with children, talked deep into ~read more~