NACCS address, take two

I attended the “Save Ethnic Studies” fundraiser at the 40th annual National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) conference because I believe that cultural diversity makes us stronger, and sharing *all* of our stories is one of the best ways to foster healthy diversity. I was happy to donate a few dollars to support the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican American Studies program, in its battle against HB2281, which makes illegal all ethnic studies programs ~read more~

Sex-Positive Religion (worship; 120212)

Sex-Positive Religion Service celebrated at the First Unitarian Church of Hobart, Indiana, on 12 February 2012


OPENING WORDS Denver Butson was born in Maryland, in 1965; this is his poem, “Tuesday 9:00am”

A man standing at the bus stop reading the newspaper is on fire Flames are peeking out from beneath his collar and cuffs His shoes have begun to melt

The woman next to him wants to mention it to him that he ~read more~

Occupy Gary

1. What were your intial thoughts about Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Gary?

As OWS continues to pick up momentum, I am more and more optimistic that we can make a real impact on the culture of our nation and our world. It is equally important to Occupy our local areas, like Gary, to keep the spotlight on economic inequalities at every level. If the Occupy movement can be successful at engaging the racial ~read more~

Coming-Out Day (sermon excerpt)

I do not mean to imply that all people who oppose same-sex marriage—or who oppose homosexuality in general—are liars or hateful.  Many of them may be good people, trying to live according to their beliefs.

The ones who are not lying, not deliberately confusing and inflaming things, usually base their beliefs on one of four reasons.  Many people who oppose same-sex marriage cite a biblical injunction against it as the reason for their opposition.  Others ~read more~


We call upon Enki, ancient Sumerian god of water; and Tiamat, primordial goddess of the ocean, and mother of all the Babylonian deities; we think of Oceanus, and the Nixies, and Mazu, Varuna, Suijin— and all the other metaphorical embodiments of water…

we open our awareness to the water that makes up the majority of our own bodies; we note our utter dependence upon water to live;

We note the tenth anniversary of the attacks ~read more~

manly to live longer?

Men die five years earlier than women, on average. This is partially biological, and mostly cultural: men die sooner because they have “poorer health care behaviors and lower use of health care,” according to author Bridget Murray-Law, quoted in Tom Matlack’s article. Matlack writes, “the way to extend male life isn’t to feminize us but build upon traditionally male attributes that turn out to promote healthier choices.” Matlack quotes Murray-Law’s article: “Men high in traits ~read more~

Men Are Alright (sermon; 110306)

The Men Are Alright

Service celebrated at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, Ohio; on 06 March 2011

CALL TO WORSHIP We gather here this morning to create meaning together. Among us are straight men who enjoy sports, and straight men who hate sports. There are gay men who love sports and there are gay men who consider sports a waste of time. In Unitarian Universalist congregations, across the country this morning, there are some ~read more~

it gets better–pixar, trevor

Pixar Studios’ extraordinary “It Gets Better” video is one of the most powerful I’ve seen:

Note that it ends with a link to The Trevor Project, a resource for children and youth with questions about sexuality and gender identity.  It includes “Dear Trevor” — a non-time-sensitive resource, and a confidential, toll-free, 24-hour lifeline, 866.4.U.TREV (866.488.7386).

just like a UU

A new lay leader wants my sister’s church to cease using exclusively masculine pronouns when they refer to God.  Evidently, they aren’t ready to use many feminine pronouns, so they just repeat the word “God” a lot–“God wants the best for God’s children,” etc.  This frustrates my sister, who finds that language clunky and distracting.  Besides, she says, “I don’t think people who come to this [tradition withheld] church worry about that kind of stuff.”  ~read more~

man up

John Dickerson’s objection to the phrase “man up” does not go far enough. In his article on, Dickerson complains that “man up” has become a cliche’, that it has lost its orginial meaning. However, it is *precisely* that original meaning with which I disagree.

Dickerson appreciated the phrase when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (then running for that office), said his opponent should stop hinting about Christie’s weight, and just “man up and say ~read more~