some quotes from Gini’s charge

“you cannot have a worthy vision, a compelling vision—a salvific vision—an institution-building vision, an outreach-expanding vision, four or six years at a time. That you can have *tactics* in six-year blocks, and strategies in six-year blocks, but you cannot have a worthy vision six or four years at a time.” ~read more~

fifty-year vision, from the people

Here is my own transcript of Gini Courter’s final Moderator’s Report (cf. the UUWorld article, and the full video of Plenary IX), from GA’13. Spelling, punctuation and paragraph breaks are mine, as are any errors:

“I’m going to start my Moderator’s Report, then. <applause> Hm…aren’t you fun?

It always has readings, you know <holds up Singing the Living Tradition>. This year, it has two. The first, y’all have access to, but don’t worry—I’ll read to ~read more~