Coming Out of the Shadows

“Undocumented…Unafraid!” The chant outside the Broadview Detention Center this morning demonstrated that the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) had joined the usual band of hardy souls from the Chicago Religious Leadership Network (CRLN), praying and singing for an end to senseless deportations.

Two young adults spoke of their personal journeys. Brought to the USA as children, they struggled when they learned that they were not considered citizens of the country they loved. Both risked their ~read more~

Interdependence Day (sermon; 120701)

How many of you, as a youth, ever made fun of one of your siblings? How many *defended* that sibling, if others criticized them? How many are at least a little uncomfortable when your spouse or partner makes the same observations about your family out loud that you admit silently to yourself?

Just because we love something, it does not mean that we don’t recognize its faults.

I *love* the United States of America. I ~read more~


What a marvelous time, working with the Right Relationship Team—such good work, helping folks recover balance, and helping to educate the gathered community (after 5 years, this model seems to be working).  Again, the RRT itself was not perfect, we made mistakes, and we named them.  We did make a real difference in dozens of individuals’ lives, and helped make *lots* of people more aware (attendance was approx. 3700). I am humbled by the commitment & grace of the ~read more~

GA12 Getting Real; homily

Omigod. This GA12 stuff is getting real. After an amazing meeting of the GA Planning Committee, we are beginning to see what it will look like, and how it will feel, to go to Phoenix this June. As Walt said in our meeting with the Louisville congregations (we’re also beginning to plan GA’13), our General Assembly is often transformative. Tens of thousands of people have “gotten religion” at our annual gathering. Well, this year could be much ~read more~

GA12 poster to post

Mythbusting about GA’12: “There will be something for everyone at this GA. No matter where you may be in the spectrum of social justice work, whether you’re just beginning and coming to learn, or whether you’re a seasoned activist – there will be programming and opportunities for you to have meaningful involvement. There will be community events outside  as well as work done indoors. Phoenix will be hot, but the housing is nearby and there ~read more~

Ware Lecturer Maria Hinojosa

Award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa has been named the Ware Lecturer for the 2012 General Assembly.

Her NPR bio reads:

For 25 years, Maria Hinojosa has helped tell America’s untold stories and brought to light unsung heroes in America and abroad. She is the anchor and managing editor of NPR’s Latino USA.

In April 2010, Hinojosa launched The Futuro Media Group with the mission to produce multi-platform, community-based journalism that respects and celebrates the cultural richness ~read more~

Crestwell and Tse at GA12

I’m thrilled to see that the Rev. Mr. John Crestwell, Jr. will preach the Sunday morning service at GA’12. I’ve only heard him preach twice, but both times were remarkable.

I haven’t heard the Rev. Ms. Karen I. Tse preach, but I am still looking forward to hearing her preach at the Service of the Living Tradition. A human rights defender and social entrepeneur, she wrote, “Not so long ago, as a lawyer working for ~read more~

Rev. Sean on GA12 grid, process

Rev. Sean blogs:

Since I was at the meeting where the schedule was created, I want to ask you to think about a few things as you begin to respond:

First, be gentle in your critique. This schedule is the result of a lot of good people working hard together to respond to a wide variety of needs and expectations.  We made a very clear decision to privilege the needs of the local community and ~read more~

GA12 program grid

Here is the GA12 program grid, including the Service of the Living Tradition, the Ware Lecture, and multiple opportunities for witness and service. (This is subject to change) A text version is below:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Youth Caucus and Sponsor Orientation 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Choir Rehearsal 3:00 – 4:15 p.m. General Assembly and Social Witness Orientation 3:45 – 5:00 p.m. Young Adult Orientation 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. Regional and CLF In-Gatherings 5:45 ~read more~

GA12 design statement

General Assembly (GA) 2012 will be a gathering with multiple ways of engaging in justice work for people of all ages. Joining with the people of Arizona, we will worship, witness, learn and work together. We will leave General Assembly grounded in our faith, energized for justice and with resources to bring this work home to our congregations.

Witness and Service

We will partner with communities in Arizona to bring attention to the injustices and ~read more~