Chip Roush is a minister, a music lover and evidently someone who occasionally writes about himself in the 3rd person.

I live in Buchanan, Michigan, with my wife and our dog (that is not our dog in the picture–that is a bear cub, one of the many orphaned and rescued cubs at Oswald’s Bear Ranch). I grew up in central Ohio. I worked as a database administrator for various cellphone companies, and wrote a few plays, before attending seminary.

Ordained in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, I have served congregations in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. I serve the First Unitarian Church of South Bend as their Minister. One of my greatest joys is to craft and present worship services that are meaningful, moving and thought-provoking. Collaborating with musicians, lay people and other clergy, I have preached approximately 400 distinct sermons, at 43 venues in eight states (in 13 of those places, I have preached six or more times).

I listen to the music of the Grateful Dead most frequently, but I appreciate everything from ABBA to Zelenka; from drum corps to Jarrett; from Mary Gauthier to the Ragbirds.

I read a lot, everything from histories to comic books. I also like movies.

I appreciate the philosophical explorations of Ken Wilber, and his Integral Institute. Along those same lines, I follow Diane Musho Hamilton and Genpo Roshi. You can find more about my own personal theology here.

About the name of this blog:
“So may we be” is a translation of “amen.” A more usual translation is “so let it be” or “so may it be.” I hope that “so may we be” reminds us of our responsibility to assist in the evolution of the universe, toward goodness, truth and beauty.