set list: Grateful Dead–Spiritual But Not Religious

chip_tiedye_robe_150802This is the order of service from yesterday’s worship service on the Grateful Dead as the vanguard of the Spiritual But Not Religious movement. The music was played by The Ember Jar Duo; the tapestry was tie-dyed by Cassandra Fisher of The Ecletic Table; the robe was made by the Rev. Ms. Jane Thickstun; and David Wistreich lent us a poster to use on the pulpit–many thanks to all.

I drew on the research from Professor Linda Mercadante (see her book “Belief Without Borders: Inside the Minds of the Spiritual But Not Religious“).

The venue was the First Unitarian Church of South Bend–the congregation I serve with joy and gratitude.

First Set
Opening Hymn “Touch of Grey” (Robert Hunter / Jerry Garcia)
…..played by the Ember Jar duo
…..chorus: “I will get by” x3 “I will survive”
Opening Words feat. “Scarlet Begonias” (Hunter/Garcia)
Chalice Lighting
RE Moment
Story for All Ages “The Grateful Dead”
Music “The Wheel” (Hunter / Garcia / Bill Kreutzmann)
Joys & Sorrows>Meditation
Music “Ripple” (Hunter/Garcia)
Homily The Grateful Dead

Intermission (and Hand of Fellowship)

Second Set
Musical Text “Throwing Stones” (John Perry Barlow / Bob Weir)
Homily Spiritual But Not Religious
Offering (offertory “Uncle John’s Band” by Hunter/Garcia)
Closing Hymn #402, From You I Receive
Closing Words from “Cassidy” (Barlow/Weir)
Chalice Extinguishment

Closing Covenant

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