faster each time

Wpolls_emotions01_2718_332825_answer_2_xlargehether addicted or not;
whether a teetotaler or not:
“just about every person has some trauma”
we all face difficult circumstances,
difficult decisions,
difficult emotions

We may not use marijuana or alcohol or other drugs to cope;
instead, a pint of ice cream
or a new gadget
or a new lover
or another hour at the gym…

Maybe we don’t look like the pictures in the magazines
maybe we don’t have much disposable income – or much income, at all
maybe we don’t have the right clothes
maybe we didn’t see the right movies
or follow the right television programs

Maybe we need just a little something to do our best work
maybe we need it to get to sleep
maybe we need it to deal with our family
maybe we need it to face another week at work
maybe we need it
to cope with the empty place
where there used to be a person

We all have reasons
why our lives feel more difficult than we’d like them to be

We all cope with them
in the best ways we have learned, so far.
And, as the man in New York said,
“every feeling will pass if you give it time.
And if you learn to deal with your feelings,
they’ll pass by faster each time.
So don’t rush to cover them up by medicating them.”

In the long run,
it does work better—-
it can bring us more joy—-
if we stopping suppressing or medicating our emotions,
and instead feel them,
and integrate them
and move on from them.

So may we be.

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