come in and be seated

chip_preaching_801_140803Come in and be seated,
all of you with heavy hearts.
Those who have had a difficult morning,
or an exhausting week;
those who are frustrated,
those who are this close to giving up on something,
or someone;
come in, and sit down,
and loosen the hold of your cares for an hour.

Relax into this moment;
feel the compassion around you…
Of all the places of the earth,
this is a good place for you to be.

Come in and be seated.
Many of us here
have failing bodies,
injured loved ones,
jobs that are unreasonable,
bill piles which are growing,
and hearts which are breaking
for our human cousins
struggling in a thousand ways, around us.

Few of these things show on our faces;
when asked, we respond, “I’m fine.”
And, in the privacy of our own hearts,
we are so full of joy and woe,
gladness, and trauma,
love, dislike, loneliness,
righteous anger,
some petty anger,
and every bit of our share of sorrow,
that it’s a wonder
that we do not burst.

Let the congregation say, “I hurt.”
{I hurt}
Let the congregation say, “we hurt.”
{we hurt}
Let the congregations say, “all beings hurt.”
{all beings hurt}

I am glad that we are together this morning.
May we find the healing we need,
and may we prepare ourselves
to go out and carry healing to others.
So may we be.

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