Valentine’s Opening Words

Valentine_1909_01This coming Saturday is Valentine’s Day. That means that it is a good time to remind ourselves that a person’s moral worth, and value as a human being, has nothing to do with their relationship status.

Whether you are single, or are partnered; whether you have several friends with benefits,or are serially monogamous—or are celibate; whether you are bisexual, gay, lesbian, heterosexual or whether you are part of the 1% or so who are asexual, and do not experience much sexual attraction, we acknowledge your place on the human continuum.

If you have gone through a recent breakup, if your job requires you to be apart too much of the time, if you still miss the one great love of your life, or if you are grieving any other loss this morning, we wish you peace, and we welcome you in.

If you are angry, or anxious; or if you are happy to be here, we acknowledge your human emotions and we bid you welcome. If you arrive drained, or numb from the slings and arrows of contemporary life, we offer you rest, and a community of meaning. We are glad you are here.

We *are* glad that you are here, and we don’t necessarily want to know that your phone is here. Please make sure that your devices are in silent mode.

If you hear something this morning that you want to share with the glorious and suffering world outside these walls, I encourage you to tweet or text anything you find meaningful. You might use the hashtag “1UUSB”

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