top ten moments, 2013 (and 2014)

JanusWith sincere hopes that your life had many wonderful moments over the last year, here are my top ten moments of 2013 (in chronological order) and the top ten moments I anticipate happening in 2014 (in no particular order):

2013: officiating the memorial service for a ministerial colleague (and having other colleagues, whom I hold in high esteem, thank me for the service); seeing the concentration on my family’s faces, as we dissected cow eyes at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago; the General Assembly Planning Committee electing me their Secretary, as we debriefed a successful GA in Louisville; dancing to my favorite band—the Ragbirds—at Blissfest; parasailing with Becky (I am ordinarily afraid of heights); the look on Becky’s face as she walked into the surprise party we threw for her; preaching my first service as Consulting Minister in South Bend; finally seeing my niece march with her high school band; a moving meditation involving religious icons, at the Ohio River Group ministerial study group; and opening the CDs that my family made me (containing music suggested by dozens of my friends) for my fiftieth birthday. What a rich year!

2014: my ministry serving the First Unitarian Church of South Bend affirmed by vote at the congregation’s annual meeting; our first worship service in our new building; Becky and I spending our first night in our new home in Michiana; being granted Final Fellowship (a UU ministerial milestone, somewhat comparable to tenure); welcoming the participants at our inaugural Rainbow Run (cosponsored with other churches and organizations in South Bend); toasting all of the people who worked so hard to defeat HJR-6; the ribbon cutting at Becky’s business in Niles; the smiles on the faces of the youth group at our overnight trip to the UU highlights of Chicago; the first time I help to dedicate a child in this congregation; and the last is reserved for something as-yet unknown, because life is never predictable.

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