coffee and dignity

coffee_latte_heartThere’s an old joke, that if the building were burning, the priest would run in to save the sacraments, and the rabbi would run in to save the Torah, and the Unitarian Universalist minister would run in to save the coffee pot. As today *is* National Coffee Day, I do lift up that wondrous beverage…and I lift up the idea that we UUs are much more interested in seeking justice than the perfect blend of magic roasted beans.

Next Saturday is the National Day of Dignity & Respect, calling attention to the ongoing record-setting deportation and destruction of immigrant families. Seeking compassionate and effective immigration reform—now *that* is an idea worth pursuing.

Whether you drink coffee, or tea, or cola or yerba matte, or you stick to plain, healthful water, you are welcome in this house.

Just as a body may be energized by caffeine, may our spirits be energized by our time here together. This morning and every morning, may our eyes be opened, our minds be opened, and our hearts be opened wide.

So may we be.

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