Opening Words, post-Boston

Boston_bombingAfter a week that included
violence, terrorism,
depressing political battles,
and some frightening weather,
it is good to gather together.

It is good to confirm that we are okay;
it is good to seek support if we are *not* okay;
and it is very good
to arrive and give stubborn witness
to the power of our liberal religious values:
freedom, reason, tolerance,
compassion and courage.

Thus do we reach out to each other,
and to the world around us.

If you are grieving this morning,
if you are missing a loved one,
or if you are stunned by the events of the week,
we welcome you in
and we wish you peace.

If you are angry,
or frightened,
or concerned about others;
if you are feeling an unsettling combination of emotions;
or if you are numb
from the complex demands—-
and relentless television news coverage—-
of modern life;
we acknowledge your experience
and we wish for you balance.

Slowly but surely, the universe *is* evolving
toward greater freedom,
toward reason,
and toward tolerance.

This morning, and every morning,
may we be more aware
of the Spirit of Life
evolving in and through us,
drawing us
toward deeper compassion
and firmer courage.

So may we be.

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