Coming Out of the Shadows

iyjl_broadview_claire“Undocumented…Unafraid!” The chant outside the Broadview Detention Center this morning demonstrated that the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL) had joined the usual band of hardy souls from the Chicago Religious Leadership Network (CRLN), praying and singing for an end to senseless deportations.

Two young adults spoke of their personal journeys. Brought to the USA as children, they struggled when they learned that they were not considered citizens of the country they loved. Both risked their freedom–risked everything they knew–by coming out. But true to their chant, they are undocumented *and* unafraid. Compared to that, even the frigid temperatures (see the snow in Claire’s hair, in the picture above) were not a barrier to the demonstration.

We also heard testimony that “organizing works,” as two people have been released from custody after public outcry. One was allowed to post a bond of a “mere” $3,000.

The IYJL was advertising their “Out of the Shadows Into the Streets” event on Sunday, March 10, 2013. They and their allies will march from Union Park to Federal Plaza in Chicago. They will also gather outside the Broadview Detention Center every Friday (CRLN holds a vigil on the first Friday every month, at 7am).

Here are some good resources for Unitarian Universalists (and others!) who want to learn about, and work toward, Immigrant / Immigration Justice:

Compassionate Immigration Reform program–beginning March 25, 2013

Advice from NDLON on organizing successful campaigns

How to create a social justice ministry team

Video about wage theft and vulnerable workers – or a book about wage theft

the remarkable Ware Lecture by Maria Hinojosa: “Stories from the Frontlines of the New
America: Detention, Deportation and the Power of Democratic Resistance”

…and much, much more from Justice GA 2012


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