Coleridge at 240 (121021)

Today is the 240th anniversary
of the birth of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
Coleridge almost became a Unitarian minister—-
he did preach in two different Unitarian churches,
but a wealthy patron paid him to keep writing.

Coleridge wrote,
“Thou rising Sun! thou blue rejoicing Sky!
Yea! every thing that is and will be free!
Bear witness for me, whereso’er ye be,
With what deep worship I have still adored
The spirit of divinest Liberty.”

Let us indeed bear witness
to the gladness of blue skies and warm sunlight,
and to the deep joy of religious liberty.
It is good that our nation affords us
the freedom of religion,
and that our religion offers us
the freedom of conscience.

Whatever goodness you believe or think,
you are welcome here.

Whether your heart is full of sunlight,
or flooded by leaden clouds and torrential grief;
whether you fear the thunder of far-off events,
or are rent by lightning bolts
of pain up and down your nerves,
however you arrive, this morning,
we are glad you are here,
and we wish you peace.

For the next sixty minutes,
may we, with deep worship,
adore and respect
the Spirit of Life, evolving through and among us.

So may we be.

2 comments to Coleridge at 240 (121021)

  • james rogers

    This minister truly gets it that the essense of are well being is the “Human Spirit” which I believe is the source of all knowledge. He would fit in nicely with the modern world. I also am a Unitarian Universalist.

  • Robin Edgar

    Gotta love this Samuel Taylor Coleridge quotation.


    Sadly, it is quite prophetic in terms of how Unitarian Universalism still is. . .

    “Unitarianism is, in effect, the worst of one kind of atheism, joined to the worst of one kind of Calvinism, like two asses tied tail to tail. It has no covenant with God; and looks upon prayer as a sort of self-magnetizing — a getting of the body and temper into a certain status, desirable per se, but having no covenanted reference to the Being to whom the prayer is addressed.”

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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