GA12 poster to post

Mythbusting about GA’12: “There will be something for everyone at this GA. No matter where you may be in the spectrum of social justice work, whether you’re just beginning and coming to learn, or whether you’re a seasoned activist – there will be programming and opportunities for you to have meaningful involvement. There will be community events outside  as well as work done indoors. Phoenix will be hot, but the housing is nearby and there are a lot of food options in the convention center, so it will be possible to limit your sun exposure. There will be an exhibit hall, the Justice GA Expo, for which we are still accepting exhibitors. GA programming will be focused on justice issues, including topics such as the spiritual foundations of justice work, the theology of social justice, as well as a more tactical focus on organizing.

Much more information about the upcoming Justice General Assembly is available at”

A poster with the above information, and pictures and bios of John T. Crestwell, Jr. (Sunday morning worship), Maria Hinojosa (Ware Lecturer) and Karen I. Tse (Service of the Living Tradition), as well as the blurb below, can be found here (pdf).

“Steve Newcomb of the Indigenous Law Institute will speak about the Christian Doctrine of Discovery, the 500 year-old religious doctrine still used by the United States government to deny the rights of Native American Indians.”

(Note that the Episcopal Church has already renounced this Doctrine, in 2009.)

Again, download the poster here – let’s get one of these in every congregation!