We call upon Enki, ancient Sumerian god of water;
and Tiamat, primordial goddess of the ocean,
and mother of all the Babylonian deities;
we think of Oceanus, and the Nixies,
and Mazu, Varuna, Suijin—
and all the other metaphorical embodiments of water…

we open our awareness
to the water that makes up the majority of our own bodies;
we note our utter dependence
upon water to live;

We note the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center;
we note the significant changes—
in our country and the world—
since then;
we desire peace, and safety,
and appropriate cooperation,
among all peoples,
of all beliefs, in all nations;

we desire that this anniversary
provide an opportunity
to rededicate ourselves
to co-creating a world
in which people of many differences
can encounter one another
not in fear,
but in gladness
and recognition
that we are ultimately more alike
than we are distinct;

we desire to acknowledge boundaries,
and to cross them carefully,
with respect and authenticity—
to find,
and celebrate
the ocean of wholeness
in which our islands of selfhood
float and fight.

So may we be.

(part of this initially published at The Yes Church)

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