rising tide, Moving Planet

Global Climate Change is real, and the USA is already experiencing its effects, according to a National Research Council report detailed in the New York Times. Sea level is rising in many towns, and the air temperature has increased by two degrees over the last fifty years. The panel’s chair, Dr. Albert Carnesale, said, “It is an urgent [concern]… what we’ve done differently is to look at this as a risk management problem.” He warned, “We don’t know exactly when the tsunami will hit or how high it will be, but we know it is coming, and we should prepare.”

The report “emphasized that reducing carbon emissions was critical to keeping the United States from having to make dire choices in the future. While stopping just short of recommending a carbon tax, the committee did praise its efficacy.”

It also noted that “many of the nations’ cities and states are taking steps toward mitigating carbon output and preparing for hotter, wetter conditions.” Sea levels may rise up to 1.6 meters by 2100, according to an Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme study. Preparing for “wetter” is good; preventing it would be better.

Some lawmakers are already challenging the report. This becomes a justice issue, for me, because the people most likely to be hurt by climate change are those who are already on the margins of society. Rich legislators can afford to dawdle, because their families will probably survive. Others of our human cousins, and many of our animal, non-human cousins, will suffer much more.

Let us pay attention to which legislators understand the severity of this issue, and let us support them as vigorously as possible. And let’s keep doing 350 things, too–like beginning *now* to plan for the “Moving Planet” worldwide rally to demand climate solutions, this September 24.

Via Slatest.

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