study guide for “Arc”

A study guide has been published for The Arc of the Universe is Long: Unitarian Universalists, Anti-Racism and the Journey from Calgary. The Rev. Ms. Leslie Takahashi-Morris has written a clear guide to lead discussions about the book, and about racism in general. Because I did not write it, I feel justified in praising the study guide: as much as it is possible, Leslie’s guide makes it safe to explore the complex issues and painful experiences around race and racism, especially within the context of Unitarian Universalism.

Leslie writes that this guide is about “making the space respectful and a place of deep listening. The point is not to promote a certain perspective or to ‘teach’ a body of knowledge. The point is to help people listen across difference and learn from our collective history as Unitarian Universalists.”

The study guide is here (PDF); it and other companion resources for Skinner House Books are here. It is easily used by small groups, or for individual study.

(image from Love1008 at deviantART)

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