passionate about sex ed

Sexuality Education. The UU Salon’s April topic is “what is your great passion?” Specifically, their question is what would prompt you to go to a group of strangers and interrupt their conversation.

I’ve actually done this, in a local restaurant. I heard two mothers voicing their concerns about their teenaged sons, and how they would learn the facts and the responsibilities of adult sexuality.  I waited until they were paying their check, then walked over, gave them my card, and explained about the *fantastic* Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education curriculum that my church would be holding that year. Alas, I do not believe either of those two young men showed up, but we did have almost half the class from outside the congregation. We UUs have a wonderful opportunity to teach young people the truth about sexuality, without lies or shame. Co-developed by our Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ, OWL is a blessing for this world. Let us offer it as widely as possible. Well-educated teens make better choices.

While we’re discussing human sexuality, please support the Religious Institute (“Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion”), and consider signing their open letters–on “sexual morality, justice and healing”; on maternal mortality and reproductive justice; marriage equality; abortion; and yes, sexuality education.


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