Lillie and Gov. Walker

After the third time Lillie dropped her ball at my feet, I finally looked up: “I’m sorry, girl, I am too upset to play.” “What’s the matter?” she asked (Lilly is our dog, but she sometimes talks to me. Nobody else ever hears her, but I have grown used to it). I told her that I was worried about union workers. In Wisconsin, and in a dozen other states, newly elected lawmakers are attempting to roll back long-held benefits and bargaining rights. “Oh, right,” Lilly laughed, “that’s why the Wisconsin Democrats are hiding out across the state line.” I told her that does sound funny, but the whole issue was not a laughing matter. Other than government workers, we the people have not seen an increase in our real wages (adjusted for inflation) since the 1970s. If our unions get weaker, our wages and benefits will shrink even more rapidly. “Please don’t start ranting about tax cuts for the rich, and all the waste in the prison system again,” Lillie whined, “we dogs are very sensitive to human emotions, and you are hard to be around when you get this way. Why do you think I’ve been asking you to play ball?” You’re right, girl. Let’s go play. I’ve already signed a petition against Gov. Walker calling out the National Guard, at We need some recreation, to keep up our strength for the long struggle for justice. Go fetch!

(Original post at The Yes Church)