entrances into prayer

I incorporate a prayer or guided meditation in most of the worship services I lead. I usually start by calling our attention to our bodies, and focusing awareness on our breath. Once centered in our immediate experience of being alive, I lead into the verbal expression of our fears and hopes with words that are customized to that specific service.

Here are some prayer entrances that I have used:

O Spirit of Justice,
which howls at the gates of oppression,
which weeps alongside the orphan,
which urges our eyes open,
even when we might want to close them,
Spirit that drives us forward
with compassionate power for all,
we are grateful to be alive this day…

Gift of Life and of movement,
unconscious impulse to share our good fortune with others;
source of all gifts
and source of the altruistic urge to give those gifts…

Abba, Abheda-bodha-vakya, Acintya-sakti, Adhyatma, Aditi, Adonai, Agni, Ahura Mazda, Aksara, Spirit of Life which is known by these and many other names…

O Mighty God of the Hebrew Bible, champion and source of
Justice that rolls down like water;
Grandmother Spirit, “Beautiful Cloud” who watches over us;
Force and Pattern of the Tao, the uncarved block unfolding through us;
Spirit of Life and Evolution…

Spirit of Inclusion, and Courageous Compassion,
evolutionary force beyond intolerance,
beyond tolerance,
source of all distinctions and boundaries,
and great unity underlying all diversity…

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