sand ceremony

You have chosen to symbolize your marriage with a sand ceremony, mixing and blending two colors of sand, just as your lives are now mixing and blending together.  Although you are, and will continue to be, two individuals, from this day forward you will also be part of something larger, part of a unity, part of a family.

 As you pour the sands together, the different colors—the Color1 and the Color2—blend, creating a new pattern.  This new design was always inherently possible in the old colors, but it was never fully present until today.

 Note that it takes both of you to create this new pattern.  At times, one of you may be more active, more present; or less active, less able; but it will always require both of you, in whatever proportion, to maintain your marriage.

 Finally, note that the two colors also symbolize other polarities.  The Color1 and Color2 remind us that life is *both* joyful and sorrowful, bitter and sweet, easy and more difficult. Through the years, as you gaze on this container, with the sands of your love displayed, you will be able to read in the grains the moments and movements of your lives. May it serve as a visible reminder that you have someone with whom to share—someone to ease your burdens, and multiply your joys.

  [Participants pour the sand into the larger communal container]

 May there be as many moments of pure bliss in your life together as there are grains of sand on the beach, and may your moments of distress be as small as any one of these tiny grains.

Blessed be!

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